Conq Comix

I’ve been making comics since I was six years old. Bubblegum-Man, Atlanta’s premier candy-powered superhero, was the product of that first bolt of creative brilliance. A straightforward superhero story featuring a cast of quirky characters: Bubblegum-Man is the story of a diabetic man named Chris who is transformed by science into living candy. Together with a mad scientist, an immortal Spaniard, and a preteen girl in egg-shaped power armor, he must thwart the plans of the evil Dr. Mollusk, defeat the mutants besieging Atlanta, and stop the alien Archons from eating the human race.

Secret Operations is a self-aware superhero comedy featuring slice-of-life vignettes with a twist. Each book is 8 pages and features between 2 to 4 stories.

Bubblegum-Man and Secret Operations are both currently available for free over on Webtoon.

I also created a humor comic called In His Spare Time, featuring God and the angels.

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