This website is the hub for all the professional work of William V. Brust. From here, you can access information on my variety of services.

If this seems a little strange and unusual, don’t be afraid. I myself am strange and unusual.

Do you need help writing a grant for your nonprofit or nonprofit consulting firm?

You want Conq Writes Grants

Does your kid need help in language arts or history?

Check out Conq Tutors

Do you need help proofreading your written work?

Visit Conq Proofreads

Do you want to check out some awesome comics?

Go to Conq Makes Comics

Want to read a good book or short story?

Check out Conq Tells Stories

Do you love LEGO or Warhammer but hate to build for some strange reason?

You may want Conq Builds

I also build furniture. (No bicycles or car engines…yet)